Thursday, May 24, 2018


A Different Direction

Selling you the most Inspection Reports just isn't our objective.  Conversely, we would much rather spend our time showing you how to reduce the cost of underwriting information.  We are an extension of your underwriting department; as such, we supply robust, verified information to enable you to make brilliant decisions. 

We want to help you match each new account with your Underwriting guidelines and appetite.  There's no doubt, first-class  information will have a profound effect on your loss ratios and profitability.  With our information we will help generate premium income that might otherwise be left on the table.
We know your success is our success.  Our current customers say that we have "great people", superior inspections, and very fair prices.  We take those compliments seriously.

Reliable Information

You stake your daily Underwriting decisions on the strength of information in our reports.  We remember that every day, for every report.  The quality of our reports rests entirely on the quality of our field staff.  We develop and support them accordingly.

Superior Time Service

We believe that the Underwriter who receives risk details the fastest enjoys a competitive advantage.  We are determined to get you quality Underwriting Information to your desktop in the fastest time frame possible.  We guarantee you will have your report on your desktop in less than 21 days or your money back.  We won't let you down.



Reasonable Prices

We have made every effort to minimize our operating costs.  We pass our efficiencies along to you in the form of excellent value for your investment in Underwriting Information.  Let us know how we might save you even more.

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